An exhibition of a series of works that resulted from the practice of shooting 1 roll of film every day for a month. The main goal was to give yourself the freedom to experiment and try something new. This practice was based on an approach inspired by the works of Proskudin-Gorsky, who invented his own method of obtaining a color image in the days of black-and-white photography-by shooting 3 black-and-white frames and using red blue and green filters, then obtained a color photograph by additive printing. I decided to try out this technique in its technical “flaws”, when all three frames are not identical, but one of the elements in it differs, where each “difference” is colored in the color that was used. Also, I used color filters or color light and multi-exposure for this, and the effect of “color decomposition" was achieved by an analog method, without the use of computer processing. A significant part of this experiment is also the fundamental difference in approach with my usual method. As a rule, in my works, I, as well as the viewer, can see exactly what was in front of the camera at the time of shooting. I clearly control all the details of the composition. In the same technique, I can only approximately calculate the result, giving part to the will of chance in the process. Such a sense of self in the process is a great study for me outside of my usual comfort zone and is insanely interesting.